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Since the transformation from film emulsion to digital data, the photographic medium now affords the photographic artist unlimited opportunities for visual expression.

Ansel Adams, one of America’s most celebrated photographers, coined the phrase “pre-visualization.”   He developed techniques that enabled him to emulate what he conceived in his “mind’s eye” prior to making the exposure.

Jerry Uelsmann, a master at printing multiple negatives onto one sheet of photographic emulsion, used a technique that he calls “post-visualization”.  He would peruse hundreds of negatives, then select a few that he would combine to form his exquisite montages.

“Photographic Re-creation” is what I call a style that I’ve “developed” after hours of experimentation. This technique has afforded me with tremendous satisfaction as its application best represents how I feel my photography should be conveyed.  My images could be described as “photographic impressionism”.

Other art forms, such as painting and drawing, illustrate the perceptions of the artist’s mind as the medium is laid upon the canvas or paper.  Until the recent technological advancements of digital imaging, the photographer was limited by the fact that film would be permanently linked to the subject with only limited options for the altering or embellishing the final result to emulate the artist’s true vision.

Because of the paradigm shift from film to digital imaging, the representation of photographic renditions is limitless.

photographic re-creations

“An artistic photograph is one that stands the test of time.  It conveys meaning, which passes language barriers.  It doesn’t have to wait to become a classic.  It instantly becomes the photographer’s signature to the world.  And this happens the moment the shutter is released.”

Ron Hildreth

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